Blogs for Students Aspiring to be Entrepreneurs

These are a few of our favourite entrepreneurial blogs. They can be uplifting, informative or downright hilarious but always worth the read.


A great daily read for anyone who aspires to move out of their parent’s house and into a penthouse condo. Entrepreneur has plenty of advice, insight, profiles and guides for established and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

Don’t forget to read up on your industry.


This witty blog has a serious sense of humour and a focus on Silicon Valley and startup news.  Pandodaily offers technology news, analysis, and commentary. We love this blog because it covers topics that we don’t see elsewhere.

Maple Butter

A Canadian blog for founders of the north. Maple Butter is written by founders for founders and answers all of the startup questions on your mind. Anything from the typical “how to manage stress” to the tough stuff like “falling out of love with your startup.” We love this blog because when we read it, we know we aren’t alone on our struggle to the top.

Happy reading!


Allison Rhodes | Director of Creative Innovation at KahootsHQ

Allison is a graduate of the Entrepreneurship program at Ryerson University, is a Masters of Digital Media candidate and one of the co-founders of


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