15 Pick Up Lines for your Next Co Founder

KahootsHQ Pick Up Lines for Co Founders

Finding a co founder can be a difficult, tedious and long-winded task. At Kahoots when we were looking for a technical co founder it took us months on months to find someone great. Now our site is up and running and we are excited to make it easier for entrepreneurs to find co founders and volunteers.

To make your experience a little bit lighter we’ve got 15 pick up lines that might make you laugh. 

1) If you were a landing page, I would only want to convert on you.

2) If you were my co founder, you could give me a call-to-action anytime.

3) Do you have a privacy policy? Because I’d love to see your fine print.

4) Me without you is like a marketer without analytics. Lost, visionless, and confused.

5) If you were a 404 page, I wouldn’t be lost, I would be found.

6) Is your name Google? Because you have everything I’ve been searching for.

7) Is your name Wi-fi? Because I am really feeling a connection.

8) I think you could be an integral part of my project life cycle.

9) You are the Apple of my i-Mac.

10) I must be using Apple maps, because I keep getting lost in your resume.

11) You auto-complete me.

12) Are you religious? Because you’re the answer to all of my prayers.

13) Roses are #ff0000, violets are #0000ff, you better believe my partnership belongs to you.

14) Did you invent the airplane? Because you seem Wright for me.

15) You must be tired because you’ve been streaming through my RSS feed all day.


Allison Rhodes | Director of Creative Innovation at KahootsHQ

Allison is a graduate of the Entrepreneurship program at Ryerson University, is a Masters of Digital Media candidate and one of the cofounders of KahootsHQ.com.


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