3 Tips for Protecting Your Website

You have a certain skill set, which has brought you to where you are now — on the way to launching your breakthrough new business. Your skills, however, likely won’t include everything you need (except if you happen to be a genius, which is cool too). Somewhere along the way, you’re going to find you need to outsource talent, to find someone who can help in areas where you’re not quite as strong in. Now, that might be in marketing, finance, or writing — but today, we’re going to be focussing on developing your website.

Developers hold a lot of power — they literally have the power to change anything and everything on your website. So in order to protect your baby (and lessen worry), here are some things you can do to hedge your risks and protect your hard work.

1. Create an email just for your new website and its development.

This ensures that everything to do with your website is in one spot. It won’t be jumbled with the emails pertaining to other aspects of your business, and you can easily find what you want. After you’ve got that, use it as the primary email when setting up your website. Make yourself “administrator” and your developer “collaborator”. For Github, check it out here and Heroku here. That way you always have the final say!

2. Create an IP agreement with your developer

An intellectual property (IP) agreement, even if you don’t have the money to enforce (and most of us don’t, that’s okay!), it’s still worth establishing. It does say that you mean business and clearly lays out the dos and don’ts of the employment relationship. Make sure to include a line saying that at the end of the work relationship, they’ll hand over all the code and work property. Here is an example you can use for reference, (note: KahootsHQ, does not accept liability for any errors or omission in the contents of this document or which arise from it’s use).

3. Download a copy of the code and database

Try to do this weekly, or on some sort of regular basis. You definitely want a copy of your website, after all! If you’re using Github, this is super simple to configure. Just go to the repository you want to download, and on the right side-bar menu you will find a “Download ZIP” button. (Don’t forget to title the download with that day’s date!) Here’s how for reference.

And there you have it! Now, we’re not trying to point a sign reading “BE WARY OF ALL DEVELOPERS!” It’s just that sometimes when we haven’t shared our vision clearly or if there’s some sort of communication issue, things might not turn out the way you’d thought. Ensuring you’ve covered your basis during the initial website setup will help you keep calm during times of turmoil knowing your hard work and time is not at risk.

So there you have it! If you have any other tips, feel free to drop us a tweet!

Elizabeth Ching - KahootsHQElizabeth Ching | Guest Writer

Elizabeth is a spirited reader and writer, with an insatiable curiosity for technology and innovation. She enjoys blogging, tweeting, and slowly making her mark in the digital space.


Talking Tech: What we learned while working with our developer

Kahoots HQ. Talking Tech, what we learned while working with our developer

This week we are talking tech and helping you communicate with your developers. It is almost impossible to run a business these days without some online component, whether that be an e-commerce store, a mobile app or a full fledged software application. If you are like me, you do your best to understand what your developer is saying but end up spending the next hour googling a bunch of terms you’ve never heard of.

We’ve written this article for you… this is what we learned while working with our amazing developer Chad. 

Don’t be afraid to ask them to ‘dumb it down’ for you. We all know you’re brilliant, but tech talk just isn’t your thing, like geometry for the mathematically challenged. There is no need to save face here, be honest and ask them to explain everything you don’t understand in detail.

This will lead to better team communication, a better product, and a less stressed version of yourself. You will know what your developer is working on because you actually understand. The right developer for you is one who won’t judge your lack of knowledge in this area and will make you feel comfortable. This leads us into tip number two…

Have a list of features they can choose to work on. As an entrepreneur you are probably great at juggling a million tasks, and you probably love it. You may find that your developer is like this too. If you have your minimal viable product up and running and you’re working with a new developer to add a bunch of new features, ask them what they would prefer to work on.

They may work on one task for a while, run into a road block and move on to a new task. Perhaps they really dislike working on one feature, but love the other. Having a number of tasks they can choose from is perfect for this. Your developer can quickly switch to a new task and stay productive. Otherwise, they could be beating their heads against a wall for five hours on a task that if they came back with a fresh mind, could have been solved in one.

Ask your developer for input. Your developer may be an amazing business person or they may be the worst, but that does not negate the fact that they are great at what they do – developing. They may bring a new outlook or fresh eyes to an issue you have been working on. Ask them how they would solve a specific problem, or what features they would see as being pertinent in the future. Then go and do some customer discovery and find out what your users think about this potential solution.

Bringing your developer into the conversation about the product and your vision is crucial. You are a team, and at the end of the day, everyone on the team wants to be included and feel validated. Keep your developer on your team while building a better product… sounds like a win, win to me.

Happy developers mean happy founders, as well as beautifully designed and functioning products. 

I hope that our learnings can help lead to your successes!


Allison Rhodes | Director of Creative Innovation at KahootsHQ

Allison is a graduate of the Entrepreneurship program at Ryerson University, is a Masters of Digital Media candidate and one of the co-founders of KahootsHQ.com.