Why You Need to Get Involved to Land Your Next Job

The school year has finally ended, all projects have been handed in and exams are finished. At this time of the year, you are probably looking to get a mediocre job to start paying off the mountains of debt that you have accumulated.

We all know that you do this because you are a responsible adult and you know you have to choose paying off the bills rather than just binge watching Netflix until the wee hours of the morning. You are taking responsibility for your future and want to set yourself up for success. However, you might be missing out on the one thing that will land you that dream job in the future – experience in YOUR field

Most employers require some type of experience when it comes to applying for a “big girl/boy” job. And let’s be honest, most students don’t have any.  The summer is your chance to get involved in a project that you are passionate about and there are plenty of ways to do so.

Here are a few ways to get involved this summer and improve how you look on paper. No, I’m not talking about your tan in printed photos. I’m talking about your resume!

Volunteer your time at a startup. Startups often have very little capital. This is great news for you. At the moment they can’t afford to hire someone with experience and will be more willing to take a chance on you. Find a company you want to work at and reach out to them. You need the experience and they need the help!

Freelance in your area of expertise. Again, startups are great for this. They can’t afford to hire or they may not have the need for a full-time employee in your area of expertise. Consider freelancing as a way to build your portfolio or resume over the summer while you are still in school.

Team up on student-led academic or extracurricular projects. Your school is a great resource when searching for projects in your area of expertise. Often student-led projects need help from like-minded people who have differing skills and who come from other faculties. Not sure what projects are happening on your campus? Check out the Kahoots Community Board for your institution.

If you are still not sure and serendipitous opportunities are failing you, KahootsHQ might be able to help. Their platform gives students and recent grads the opportunity to make connections and gain experience that they would not have gotten the chance to do otherwise. They have awesome projects like these…


Your time matters, make the most out of it. Get involved, gain experience and start furthering your career TODAY!

Ashlea HolfordAshlea Halford
 | Guest Writer

Ashlea is a recent graduate, with an degree in Communication and English. She is a lover of the online world and is trying to make her mark in the digital community.