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So you’ve finally joined KahootsHQ (good decision!) and you’re excited to start a) looking to showcase your abilities and find relevant work or b) promoting a project and scouting talent. It goes without saying that for this, you really need to create a stellar profile – descriptive, enticing, and exciting. It’s the same reason you put time into creating your resume — you want to attract interest. There is a huge and diverse talent pool at KahootsHQ and you want to make sure you attract the right and relevant kind of people. Here are some definite tips you should think about when filling out your profile page!

Creating an Awesome Profile Page

1. Use a professional, high resolution photo. Subconsciously or not, we do make judgements based on appearances! You want your photo to project a professional and capable image. A smiling headshot is great — but avoid grainy, highly-filtered selfies.
2. Include a link to your LinkedIn. LinkedIn serves as your resume here. This allows entrepreneurs who are looking for team members to check what sort of experience you have under your belt, and where your specialty lies. And if you have a great LinkedIn profile, it boosts your credibility.
3. Include a link to your Twitter. Social media and social connectedness is everything! If you have large Twitter following or interact with interesting or relevant content, that’s wonderful to see. This is also a platform that people notice because you can share projects and links to your work to get more eyes on it.
4. Add detailed skills to help people understand your expertise better. There are so many different skillsets on Kahoots, and so many projects that are looking for different things. The more skills you add, the more specific others will be able to pin you down (and, well, the more skilled you’ll seem!). If you’re a graphic designer, some specific skills could be logo design, print design, photoshop and illustrator, etc.

Creating an Enticing Project Page

1. Break down your description into easily digestible bits. No job seeker one wants to read through a billion long descriptions. If your description is too wordy, people will skip it. Have a concise intro, then some point form details about the role are perfect. Then you can delve deeper in a second paragraph.
2. Have a photo. Having a photo with your logo or a mockup of some sort makes your project look a lot more credible. Further, people are going to be drawn to the project pages that look good in the thumbnails first, so you’ll have more clicks on your page, and therefore a wider audience.
3. Include a “What’s in it for you!” section. This is everyone’s favourite part! You need to show the potential team members why they want to join your project — why it’s worth their time. Do you have perks, like free coffee? A great reference? An honorarium? Whatever it is, make sure to write it all down to entice all the best talent to reach out to you.
Lastly, a good general tip is to fill out your page as completely as possible. Every field there has a purpose, so take advantage of it! Good luck!

Elizabeth Ching - KahootsHQElizabeth Ching | Guest Writer

Elizabeth is a spirited reader and writer, with an insatiable curiosity for technology and innovation. She enjoys blogging, tweeting, and slowly making her mark in the digital space.